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School Fundraisers

Ceramic Piggy Banks (Blue)

Show What Is In Your Heart School Fundraisers are a central fundraising source for all types of school fundraising ideas.  No matter what your school's goals and objectives are, we have the school fundraising program that will work for you.

We work with pre-schools, elementary schools, middle schools and high schools.  From school bands, to sports teams, to academic clubs! 

Each year, your child's school successfully raises money which is used for various educational materials, student activities, festivities and events! 

We are excited to offer you a new fundraising experience:  Customizable Jewelry!  The possibilities are endless as you choose which pendant, chain, and charms you want, all reflecting your own personality.

* 50% of all sales will go directly to your school, in your child's name! 

We beat all other fundraiser companies on our contribution to schools.